Wear and tear of TOE cartilage

קטגוריה- שחיקת סחוס בבוהן

What is the wear and tear of the toe cartilage?

For a variety of reasons wear and tear of the cartilage in the part of the joint of the toe of the foot. The cartilage is like a shock absorber and separates the bones. The cartilage does not have any blood vessels or nerves and every pressure exerted on it is not felt. However, when this cartilage is worn and the bones come closer to each other, and since the bones have blood vessels and nerves the pain is felt on the area of the toe joint. As the wear and tear worsens until the pain is unbearable, then an operation is necessary for the connection between the bones in order to prevent movement between them.

What is the unique solution of “Barak Orthopedics”?

We at “Barak Orthopedics” have developed unique soles which support the movement of the injured joint and prevent the movement of the bones thereby reducing the pain in the daily life. At best cancelling need for an operation, or otherwise postponing the operation for a longer period. This is done with soles built customized for the person by plaster mold measurement, and according to the unique “Barak Orthopedics” method.  The sole is combined with a steel spring at the correct angle customized for each individual patient

Joshua Barak is an orthopedic technician with more than 30 years experience   who invented the new method for wear and tear of toe cartilage/hallux rigidus

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