Sprain Ankle

קטגוריה- נקע

What is a sprain and its causes?

 A sprain is usually caused by a physical trauma. During the blow, an increased strain is placed on the ligament of the foot and causes unusual movement of the joint.

The seriousness of the sprain are diagnosed by symptoms by a check-up (MRI) and allow exact diagnosis.

how do you treat sprain ankle?

We at “Barak Orthopedics” have developed a shield for the foot with exterior support which is stronger than the body weight and its purpose is to reduce/eliminate the damage done as a result of the sprain in the ankle.

 A sprain had a number of severity levels. The “Barak Orthopedics” method was developed in order to reduce the damage caused in the ankle joint at the level of a severe sprain. At light or medium sprain the “Barak Orthopedics” method was developed to prevent any damage in the area of the joint, especially for recurring sprains.