Knee Cartilage

קטגוריה- שחיקת סחוס בברך

At “Barak Orthopedics” we have developed a guard for the foot which is stronger than the weight of the body with a stiff outer support, inside and at the back of the foot so that weight has little impact on the change in angle of guard of foot and the foot is in a neutral position. By adding more material at the bottom of the guard we cause change in the angle of the foot. This change in angle affects change in angle of area of the ankle joint which affects the angle of the knee joint.

To ease the pain in the internal area of the knee as a result of attrition the cartilage you have to raise the exterior side of the foot guard thereby changing the angle of the knee. This causes distancing bones in the knee in the area of internal wear and tear in the knee, one from the other and ease the pain.

Joshua Barak is an orthopedic technician with more than 30 years experience invented the new method for preventing pain in the knee

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