Flat Foot

What is Flat Foot?

the foot stands in such a way that the bones of the talos and the navicular are positioned opposite each other in an angle which causes great pressure on the area. Over the time the cartilage is worn and the form of the foot is deformed

How to diagnose?

A flat foot can be discerned by examining the soles of the feet opposite a mirror when you see the  foot inclined inwards and the sole is “flat”.

At what age does this appear?

The flatfoot problem can be diagnosed at young age. We at “Barak Orthopedics” provide treatment and correction of the foot at every stage of growth while suiting the insole to the patient’s foot.

What is the treatment of “Barak Orthopedics”?

The unique development of “Barak Orthopedics” is aimed at correcting and straightening the flatfoot.

This device protects the foot by personal adaptation. This product is stronger than the weight of the body with external supports in order to stabilize and hold firm the joints of the foot in a neutral state so that we cause a spread of the weight and the pressure formed between the bones (the cartilage) while making an effort the spread of the weight is over a wider area thus every area has less pressure on it.

We prevent the damage that could be caused to the foot, and for those who already suffers feels a great release. Changes in form between the bones prevents damage to those who have flat foot. Those who already suffer pains resulting from the damage, correction of the angle between the bones lessens and prevents pain and the increased severity of the condition in the future.

Joshua Barak is an orthopedic technician with more than 30 years experience in developing the method of correcting and straightening the Flat Foot.

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