Bone Pain

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What is Metatarsalgia – Bone Pains?

According to the structure of the foot most of the weight of the body while standing or walking rests on the front part of the foot. A lot of pressure mounts up during the day and creates a feeling of “tiredness” on the soles.

How to treat it?

The concept is simple – to eliminate the forces exerting on the foot with emphasis on the soles thereby preventing the problem and its future recurrence. The unique development of “Barak Orthopedics” is aimed at eliminating these pressures and with personal adaption to grant maximum comfort. This unique development has undergone medical researches at hospitals in Israel and approved as a patent in the USA and Israel.

Joshua Barak is an orthopedic technician with more than 30 years experience who invented the unique solution for healing and preventing bone pain 

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