Achilles Tendon

קטגוריה- גיד אכילס

What causes inflammation of the Achilles Tendon?

With every step we take we create stress in the Achilles tendon, and in the attachment of Achilles tendon with the heel bone. This stress occurs with each step we take during the day. Some people that with the strain cause microscopic tears on the attachment to the ankle bone and inflammation is caused. The body sends fluids to remedy and strengthen the area and the accumulation of this material can cause swelling of the bone so that we can see a protrusion which grows and spreads in the area.

What is the unique treatment of “Barak Orthopedics”?

At “Barak Orthopedics” we have developed a “An Ankle and Foot Guard” with the aim of significantly lessening the tension of the Achilles tendon in its attachment to the ankle bone thereby distancing the rear part of the shoe from the area of inflammation on the heel in order to prevent pressure on this part.

How does the solution work?                              

We at “Barak Orthopedics” have developed a unique guard for the foot with two aims:

  1. Lifting the ankle to the right level in order to lessen the tension of the Achilles tendon in the area of attachment to the ankle bone thereby reducing the pains and the accumulated damage.
  2. Separating the protruding area from the pressure created by the shoe during walking so that there would not be any pressure from the shoes on the inflamed area on the attachment of the Achilles tendon to the ankle bone.

Yeshoua Barak is an orthopedic technician with more than 30 years experience invented the new method for solving the problem of pains in the Achilles tendon

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